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We’re passionate about your kids!

As a Church family, we strive to glorify God through a caring ministry and accurate teaching of God’s Word to children.

Our Commitment is to engage and prepare children to apply the “Truth” of God’s Word to their lives; Truth that can transform their hearts to develop a personal relationship with God through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We teach the Bible as one story, God’s story of His desire for an eternal personal relationship with us and His plan of redemption. Individual stories teach us about Gods attributes, power, Glory and never-ending love for us. In this journey of discovery we learn who God is, why we were made, and God’s desire for an eternal relationship with us.

Sunday Morning

8:30a | 10:00a | 11:30

1st - 2nd Grade

Check your child(ren) at the Child Check-In Center located on the North side of the fenced playground.

Room 201
Worship and message through music, skits, puppets, fellowship, and Bible Lessons.

4th - 6th Grade

Check your child(ren) at the Child Check-In Center located on the North side of the fenced playground.

Room 204
Worship and message through music, skits, puppets, fellowship, and Bible Lessons.

Parents Night Out

For ages infant-6th grade

The OMEGA Marriage Ministry is teaming up with our Children's Ministry to provide a special monthly opportunity for parents of young children. Parents drop off your kids with us and enjoy an evening to yourselves. A perfect occasion for a date night! Children, bring your pillows and blankets for a movie on the big screen!

Children 3 and under will be in nursery/toddler rooms.

Friday, July 21st
6:00-9:00p in the CCC MPR
$5 per child (includes pizza, popcorn & drink)


April Newsletter


Hello parents! Welcome to the Children's Ministry here atClovis Christian Church. We are so glad that you and your children are here!

Here in the Children’s Ministry, we strive to make this afun, safe place for your child to learn more about God and the Bible, buildinga foundation of faith that they will develop, strengthen and grow throughouttheir life. Take a look inside to meet the staff and volunteers that work withyour children, see what the children will be learning this month, find upcomingevents, and much more!

Meet the Ministry Team

(L) Stephanie Knight, Children’s Ministry Assistant

(C) Sabrina McKay, Children’s Ministry Director

(R) Jennifer Miguel, Children’s Ministry Assistant

Meet Our March Teachers:

8:30AM Service
Nursery: Alyssa
Jr. Sprouts: Tony
Sprouts: **
Jr. Faith Builders: Kim & Jim
Faith Builders: **

10:00AM Service
Nursery: Karen
Jr. Sprouts: Holly & Summer
Sprouts: Terrie & Anna Kay
Jr. Faith Builders: Amber & Angela
Faith Builders: Paul and Sam

11:30AM Service
Nursery: **
Jr. Sprouts: Hannah
Sprouts: **
Jr. Faith Builders: Tina
Faith Builders: **

**When a teacher is not available, classes will either be combined or a substitute will be provided. Better yet, you could take this opportunity to meet a need and volunteer to be a teacher for the Children’sMinistry team!**

What We Are Learning In April

All Ages: Its Easter! This month we are going to be studding the last week of Jesus' life and the days that followed His accession to Heaven. We will also be talking about the Holy Spirit and His work in our lives. Don't forget we will be doing some special events on Easter Sunday—you definitely don't want to miss out!

We are so excited to celebrate with the kids this month!

Theme: Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Application: Serving God is one of the fundamental principles of aChristian faith. We can serve God by serving others. Here at church, we teach children key principles such as: love on another, care for one another, pray for one another, encourage one another, and support one another. Our relationship to God can be strengthened through our service to others. Serving with a grateful heart is not always easy, but it is always blessed. We can be encouraged and strengthened knowing that nothing we do for God is in vain. As we learned in our midweek Faith Builders Club, doing God’s work is always good work and doing God’s work gives Him glory.  

April Birthday Shout Out:

Aanu, Andres, April, Aria, Arlowe, Ashton, Aurorah, Austin,Ava, Avary, Azariah, Azreal, Bella, Benjamin, Bethany, Bonner, Braelyn, Brayden, Brody, Caroline, Celine, Charlotte, Chase, Chloe, Christen, Cicily, Claire, Connor, Devin, Domonic, Dylan, Elrik, Ember, Ethan, Gabe, Gage,Garrett, Hailey, Hanna, Henry, Hudson, Jacob, Jada, Jael, Jonah, Katelyn, Kelby, Liam, Lilah, Lleyton, Lucas, Maddox, Maximus, Maya, Michaela, Myla, Neiko, Owen, Paige, Payten, Peyton, Phoebe, Phoenix, Pierce, Priscilla, Rylie, Sabrina, Saydie, Sienna, Talia, Taylor, Teagan, Tes, Trent, Trinity, Violet,Waylon, Wyatt, and Zoey! Happy Birthday!!

Security Policy:  

We love kids, not germs! If your child has been sick(temperature, vomiting, diarrhea, severe coughing, nasal drainage, etc.) withinthe last 24 hours, we ask that they not be checked into a children's ministryclassroom. If your child is sick whilechecked into a class, the parent will be immediately notified so that the childcan be removed from the classroom. Thank you for understandingand your commitment to keeping our children and volunteers healthy!

Classroom Assignments:   

Nursery: Infant - 24 months
Jr. Sprouts (room 109): 2yrs - 4yrs
Sprouts (room 108): 5yrs – 6yrs
Jr. Faith Builders (room 201): 1st – 2ncgrade
Faith Builders (room 204): 3rd – 5th grade
**Some classes may be combined due to a lack of teachers.

We desire to get your kids involved. Throughout the year we have many activities your kids can be a part of along with our weekly activities. Come and join Sprouts and all the God is doing within our church.