The 300

A young Adult Gathering

Join us every Wednesday Night at 6:30 PM in the MPR

Only hours before going to the cross, Jesus prays that His disciples will be in this world but, not “overcome” by this world. If you are a young adult in this present culture, Jesus prayer seems increasingly relevant and exceedingly difficult. The 300 is a bible study gathering where young adults can discuss and learn how to be what Jesus prayed for; young people that are engaged with the culture and not overcome by it. Young people that understand the mission that God has set before them and willfully embrace that mission with vigor and zeal. If you’re ready to embrace your mission and let your light shine, please come join us. If you have any questions about the group, please contact Pastor Mark Marinko.

"Fighting the Battle"

2022 Young Adults Conference

We had another great conference this year. Thanks to all who participated.
You can watch the speaker sessions below

Session One

Session Two

Finding Your Way

2021 Young Adults Conference