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Clovis Christian Church affirms the definition of “missions” to be an evangelistic endeavor outside our local congregation to fulfill the Great Commission by proclaiming the gospel of Christ, making disciples and gathering these disciples into local bodies, while relating to the needs of the total person (spiritual, physical, emotional, and social).

The Missions Board seeks to promote missions and ministry activities that win individuals to the Lord, equip them in the faith and establish churches that have the same aim in every tribe, tongue, people and nation (Matthew 28: 18-20, Acts 1:8, Acts 14:21-23, Romans 15: 19-21 and Revelation 5:9)

To be led by the Holy Spirit in Educating, Equipping and Mobilizing the body. The Missions Board will achieve this through: Prioritizing engagement, support, organization and leading of missions/ministries that target unreached people groups internationally and domestically· Seeking engagement and opportunities that sponsor, support, organize and lead missions/ministries that develop disciples within their people group· Promoting engagement in the health of the body through sponsorship, scholarship, support, organization and leading of efforts that invest in the church family (such as Perspectives, Kairos, ReGen, etc). A Barnabas team is a group of individuals who are responsible and committed to providing spiritual support to our missionaries.  

This is done by praying regularly for them and finding ways to encourage the missionaries regularly.
For more information, please contact us at missions@cloviscc.com

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Missionary Support

Caleb and Madi Unruh

On September 5th Caleb, Madi and Azariah (their 1 year old son) will be joining a ministry called Circuit Riders that seeks to win the souls of young people in the US as well as overseas! This ministry is based out of Huntington Beach California and focuses on evangelism, freedom, and mobilization of college and high school students across America. They believe that Jesus is worthy of and desperately needed by every heart and every generation, and that the miraculous work God is doing all over the world can and must be done in the US. Recently, Circuit Riders has begun expanding this call to other parts of the world as well, carrying the same simple faith that God loves this generation to other countries! They will be joining a two year program called Field Training with YWAM Circuit Riders where we will be equipped to lead in missions and ministry by studying the Bible like never before and immediately putting those biblical principles into action by serving on one of their missions teams, either within the US or internationally! They believe that this experience will not only give us an incredible opportunity to reach our generation for Jesus, but also that it will equip them for a lifelong commitment to missions and ministry in whatever part of the world God calls them to!