Spiritual Gifts Survey

Find Your Spiritual Gifts

God created each of us for a unique purpose. He gave you a combination of gifts, passions, skills, and abilities that make you one-of-a-kind. Without you, something is missing in the family of the church.

Below you’ll find several opportunities to discover more about how God wired you up and how to put your uniqueness to work to make your church and community better, and to find a deeper, meaningful purpose for your life.

Spiritual Gifts

Did you know that God has given every single person a “spiritual gift”? These are things like leadership, or encouragement, or administration that God gives to everyone (yes, everyone) to help build up the church and make it better. They can’t always be measured, but by taking the assessment below, you’ll be able to better recognize the gifts God has instilled in you. So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to take the survey and get started!

Strengths and Skills

If you spend any amount of time around FCC, you’ll quickly discover that everything that goes on only works because of the people who volunteer their time, talents, and resources week in and week out. We believe Jesus brought you here for a reason. You have skills and strengths (probably a LOT of them) – and He wants you to share them to make the church our community a better place.

Even if you’re already plugged in and serving, we want you to take the opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to lead from your strengths. We really couldn’t do this without you. If you’re not yet part of a team, these will help you discover some different ways you can contribute.

Connect with God

God doesn’t create people in cookie-cutter fashion. Each of us is unique.
As a result, different kinds of experiences make each of us feel closer to God. The different ways to connect with God are called “spiritual pathways.”

Spiritual pathways help us identify how we most naturally relate with God—whether that’s something like being in nature, or finding solitude, or seeking social justice. Take the assessment below to discover a few experiences that may be best for you.

Spiritual Disciplines

Following Jesus is a lifelong process of becoming who God has called us to be. Throughout life we enter into different stages with varying struggles, trials, and temptations. It’s easy to focus on those things. But, discipleship isn’t just about what we’re going through. It’s about establishing spiritual disciplines in our lives.

That’s where our spiritual health comes in. A mature disciple of Christ must establish and grow in each characteristic.

This assessment is a 48 question survey broken down into eight categories: Bible application, character, evangelism, fellowship, giving, prayer, serving, and worship. These eight areas of spiritual health are true across all denominations. A mature disciple of Christ must establish and grow in each characteristic.

You can complete the survey in about five minutes and will instantly see how you’re doing holistically and see a breakdown of what areas you need to improve.

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