YWAM week 3!

October 12, 2015


Another week another blog post! This week, our third week being here and second week of lecture, was themed Basic Christianity. There's a saying here at YWAM that a DTS is much like trying to drink from a fire hose. This week was just that. We had Matt Laskey speaking, taking us through the "basics" of our faith. I couldn't take notes fast enough. We went through everything from the simple gospel with its many complexities to how do we know that the Bible is true, and how can we understand concepts like the power of the cross and the trinity. It was too much information to even attempt to convey it all, so I'll stick with just a few main points that really hitme.

There were so many more points, so much Truth, but without talking to someone one on one I don't even want to try to explain them, lest I throw anyone into confusion. But if you have any questions or want to go more deeply into anything please give me a call or send me an email, I'd love to discuss it in depth! This week of deep spiritual Truth really blessed me and rooted me in Him. I would love to share that blessing! With all of the teachings we heard this week, and all of the various opinions when it comes to certain things (head coverings, women in the church, etc etc) I learned two very important things; 1) when it comes to the essential aspects of the Bible, we must have complete agreement 2) when it comes to the other things, nobody has perfect doctrine or understanding except Christ Himself. A God that we fully understand is a God of our own making. We must remain teachable and discerning, asking the Spirit always for direction and testing everything against the Bible, never simply accepting what we hear as Truth. But there's really good news- Truth isn't a teaching, it's a person, and He lives in me.

Beyond the incredible lectures each day, this week also included all of the other activities that make up our very busy schedule here. Here's a brief glimpse into what that looked like this week

hospitality-I baked awesome treats for the staff and mission builders here, as well as cleaned all the girls bathrooms, learning the value of caring for others and for our home.

outreach prep -We had a guest speaker teach us all about kids ministry in South East Asia, from practicals to the heart of it.

growth group- My outreach team got together to pray for one another and talk about some practicals of outreach.

team time-a timeof fun and bonding with our outreach teams, we tried surfing! I rode a wave on my knees and stood up on another (for maybe three seconds but it still counts), and cut our feet on the reef. Then my leader Susann had to clean out the cuts and dig the sand out because of staff infection. I handled it very maturely, with poise and composure....... Just kidding she had to hold my leg still while I clawed her back and yelled that I wanted to switch teams (sorry Susann I din't mean it).

community outreach -We did kids ministry in a low income part of Hawaii.I met a precious girl named Taylor. We prayed forher parents marriage and went through Psalm 139 together. I can't wait to see her again next week!


intercession- we spent a couple of hours praying for the institution of family and specific families as well as for Paia, a hippie town nearby us.

corporate spiritual development- we learned about the roots of yoga, and the spiritual implications of its practice in western culture

individual quiet times-God has beenshowing me the truth of His love for me and deepening my roots in what it means to be His daughter as well as to fully trust Him with my life.

chapel talks- several students brought us awesome messages about what God has been teaching them lately, including the gospel, God's marvelouscharacter, and our obedience.

worship- we got together with SBFM for a morning of worship, and I got a chance to catch up with Kendall and pray together for Clovis Christian and all God is doing there.

book discussion- We just read "is that really you God?" by Loren Cunningham about the start of YWAM and hearing God's voice. It's so cool to read that book and realize that we all get to be here right now because of that man's yes. Whose futures are riding on us saying our own individual yesto God?

I wish so much that I could rightly capture what it's like to be here and everything that God is doing, but as of yet I still don't know how. I continue to pray that God would help me to be able to share more effectively. Just know that God is working in mighty ways, teaching me to rely on Him more than I ever could have imagined, and showing me how worthy of all that trust He is. This next week we have biblical overview with Tom Osterheus. I'm so excited! Please be praying that I would fully receive all that God hasfor me this coming week, as well as for my health and safety, and that I would continue to trust Him more and more. As always, if you have any ways I can pray for you please let me know! I still need three thousand dollars, if you're able to give anything to help me accomplish all that God has for me inIndonesia , I would be so grateful. You can donate at this link:https://www.easytithe.com/f/?k=LB7R0VFSE469J1PM I love you all!