Ywam Kona Week 4! (Oct. 24th-31st) (written week 5)

November 23, 2015


So I've officially been here at Ywam Kona for a month... Time is flying, but at the same time I feel like I've been here for years! The close friendships I have are a great blessing, and the way God is moving in my heart and in my life is quite spectacular and very exciting.


the 24th we had a beautiful beach day at a beach about an hour away (I could see the island of Maui ((where some of my dear friends from church back home are at doing their Ywam dts)), it was cool to think how close they are. The day before we had spent the night at Makapala to serve at a dinner for the Kupunas (elderly people) in Kona!

was full of Jesus time in the prayer room (aka my favorite place), and then a desert night in Ohana Court to kick off what was called "corporate week". Instead of being in our regular classrooms and having a speaker talk toour Holoholo school, the entire DTS population here at Ywam Kona(the largest dts here has about 120 students- and there's about 12 different discipleship training schools) as well as our staff, came together in Ohana Court and every day was one big lecture! Our speakers were David Hamilton and Darlene Cunningham(co-founder of Ywam), and the teachings were absolutely incredible.


Corporate week day 1!

David was speaking, and oh my was I inspired. Here's some of what I learned:

We don't have to create our destinies, we just have to
plan for each of us- if we choose to follow Him, we get to find out/live out the personalized and awesome plan the Lord has for us... I still cannot believe how cool that is.

And when we ask God for this

Corporate week day 2!

David spoke again, and it was incredible. Here's a summary:

Think about your wildest dream- what you think you could never even come close to reaching.God
guide to to them.

Not only that- but

Let God encourage you beyond your wildest dreams. There are

So right there in my seat I prayed in my heart for God to release His potential for my life; it's so exhilarating to think about where He might take me.

After our snack break (every day the Korean dts provided awesome snacks for everyone), Darlene Cunningham(co-founder of Ywam) was speaking- and I absolutely love her.

She taught me that no matter how poor I ever get, I'll have the Lord, and the

She taught me to get my emotions lined up to what my mind knows is right (which totally just convicted me again while writing this).

She taught me that I don't need to fit into anyone else's box, and to pray for
box to glorify Him with. He made me perfect for the job I have in Him.


Corporate week day 3!

Darlene Cunningham was speaking this day (and of course she's super awesome).

The biggest thing I learned this day was relying on God in brokenness.

As we do the possible, God does the impossible. He could fix things all at once, but He
to use us. When things get overwhelming, all we need to do is the small task that God has placed in front of us, then, we can fully expect God to do the rest.

And the coolest part on top of that is God
in brokenness. Why? Because brokenness just means bigger spaces for Him to fill. Which means it's a blessing; more broken holes = more filling by Jesus... SO cool.

Fourth and final day of corporate week!

It also was my favorite day.

We learned how to deal with pressure, what to do when you're upset or afraid:

To remind yourself

And to remember that how I feeldoesn't = who He is. (But He still wants us to tell Him how we feel of course, He cares about every emotion we have).

Those are the two biggest hinderances/robbers of joy in the Kingdom.

It sounds a bit harsh, but it's so true, and so necessary to have a joyful life.


Realizing that was a huge perspective change for me... How many times a day do I let stupid little things offend me and ruin my day?

Jesus didn't invite us to His table to remember ourselves(our mistakes and failures), but to remember


Then, at Thursday Night Meeting, Kenny B. Prasad spoke, and my mind was blown every five seconds basically. He's a super cool Indian guy who holds the world record for going to every country in the world in the shortest amount of time. His testimony is incredible and I would highly suggest looking it up. Here are some of the awesome things I learned:

Simple as that- Going to God, letting His words/Word speak to you, and obeying.

But waiting on God doesn't have a time limit- so don't be afraid/anxious to wait until the last minute for God to come through if He's having you wait. He
comes through.

Having the
the gospel of Jesus = POWERFUL.

Not sharing it in a forceful rush, but listening and sharing like Jesus would.

Were spent setting up/helping at the Kona Halloween carnival put on by the Solid Rock Church. It was so fun to spend Halloween with a bunch of Jesus-lovers, my team, and the Kona community!


To whoever is reading this, I truly hope God is ministering to you through my posts!


Katie :)