October 7, 2013

Hi friends,

Cathleen and I arrived in Yangon Myanmar this afternoon 1:45pm yes 14 hrs ahead of Clovis time😃

Pastor Khual picked us up at the airport. The city was clean and beautiful unlike what we have seen in Cambodia cities. Little warm today 95 with a slight breeze yes it's humid Our hotel panorama hotel is down town and we walked around a few blocks to all the street markets vegetables,fruit, raw meat, clothing you name it, it was out there for sale 😳 lots of friendly faces and they also paint their face with some brown paint that helps prevent from sunburn.

We bought umbrella's(for shade), fugi persimmons, Asian pears, a Myanmar Map and a Burmese skirt called "Htamains" wrap around!! Need to fit in😃

The other 2 ladies Ann and Carolyn from Tennessee are coming in tonight. They have written several books see them at: careministrieschristian.com
both are speaking at the conference also.

I look forward to Seeing my friend Atong, from Thailand, working up here evangelizing for 6 months she is Burmese.

Looking forward to what The Lord will show us and help us to be prepared for His message to these loving people.

Much blessings to you.

Thank you for your prayers,