What's happening in Cambodia?

December 13, 2013


The reason the word family is first in my blog name is because I want to give my family first priority.  As a parent, I am given the job of making sure that my kids learn everything they need to know.  It is a big job, and it gets harder as they grow.  I sometimes think I am not doing enough to make sure they are learning the really important stuff but then God gives me something like what happened yesterday.  I was in bed with a stomach, ummm, problem (not an uncommon part of life in this part of the world.)  Benjamin and Georgia came to say goodnight to me and we had this conversation: Benjamin - Momma, is your tummy better? Me - Not yet, but you can pray for me when you go to bed.  Benjamin - I can pray for you right now!

And he did.  My five year old boy and his three year old sister held my hands and prayed for my tummy to feel better.  It was so sweet, and I was close to tears.  That is what I want my children to do.  That is what I want them to know; that they can go to God at anytime, not just the usual times.  I am so proud of my little guy and I pray that he keeps this knowledge as he grows.  My tummy isn't all the way better yet, but my heart is feeling great today.