The Journey Continues

August 2, 2014

It's been nearly two days since we returned home. Apart from meaning I've put off writing a blog post for way too long, it's given me some time to reflect on our time in Cambodia. I think we're all in wonder of the ways we've been blessed, with things we've taken part in over the past couple of weeks. God has done some amazing things through, amidst, and within each of us, and I think we've only scratched the surface of just how radically so many lives have been impacted.

However, now that the trip is over, it'd probably be easy to just slip back into the routine of daily life. When we're not directly exposed to something, our own business tends to drown out everything else. But we all decided on this trip that we didn't want to be just "another team", and we certainly don't want our lives to carry on unaffected by the events we've witnessed.

That's why Cathleen describes missions not as a trip, so much as a journey. There's a subtle, but nonetheless powerful distinction. A trip is something with a definite beginning and end, and often becomes just something you check off on a bucket list. In contrast, the way we've taken to describe a journey is that it doesn't have a definitive ending. It keeps progressing and growing throughout our lives long after the actual trip is over. In that sense, it becomes a part of our lives as we continue to share what we've learned, hopefully having a resounding effect through those around us.

What we're individually going to do from here is still uncertain, as I'm sure it varies pretty widely from person to person. But I believe I speak for the team when I say that God has placed a weight on our hearts to share what we've learned from this experience with those around us. On that note, to the followers of this blog, please feel free to join us on Friday, August 8, for a presentation at Clovis Christian Church, where we'll be sharing about the various aspects of our journey, what we've learned, and what comes next. We'll be excited to see you there!

Thank you, everyone, for all your support throughout this mission. Our trip is over, but our journey is only beginning.

To His glory always,Sean