Thanksgiving Outreach

November 13, 2018

As Thanksgiving draws near, there are many opportunities to serve your community and one way to do that is by volunteering at the Fresno Rescue Mission. The Fresno Rescue Mission endeavors to glorify God by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the least, the last and the lost in our community. We will partner with the Christian community, social service agencies, businesses, families, and individuals to meet the spiritual and physical needs of all men, women, and children in our community.

Fresno Rescue Mission’s values

  • Christ-centered by treating the least, the last, and the lost with love and compassion.
  • Hope shared through God’s Word and plan of salvation. • Relationships established, valued, and nurtured.
  • Integrity paramount in all that we do and are.
  • Service given through stewardship and servanthood.
  • Totally committed to loving others as Christ loves us.

As a community of Christ followers, we are called to serve one another by using our God-given time and talents. Consider the call and serve a meal to our homeless neighbors in the evening at Fresno Rescue Mission’s downtown campus. This is a very rewarding opportunity to be able to directly serve the community! If you're interested in serving you can contact them and apply to volunteer through