Thank you Lord!

January 16, 2015

Thank you, Lord for the opportunity to let Steve and I participate in this medical mission trip to Cambodia. I’m so touched by the Fleenor's love, passion, conviction, dedication,  faith, hospitality…They are the true light from God in Cambodia.

Partnering with Christ In Youth (CIY) medial team for  three medical clinic outreach was incredible.  We saw God's plan which is PERFECT! and how God reveal His love through His people in various ways. As Cameron said it's blessing to watch people work together out of their spiritual gifts, talents and professions in unity to serve people in the very way that we were instructed by Jesus.

Seeing the devastation and desperation of rural poverty was difficult to witness, but meanwhile I see the love of God and His Almighty power poured out abundantly everywhere. I was so overwhelmed when we walked in the Rapha House. I experienced a little taste of heaven seeing their smiles, dancing and  playing with each other. God, Your incredible, Your love and healing power conquer every bad situation. 

Having the opportunity to become involved in this ministry was a blessing and was rewarding in more ways than I can express. One of the most blessings that I have experienced with this medical mission trip is the relationships and new friendships that I have made in preparation for and them during the trip. Throughout the meetings, fundraising event, the week we talked, had morning devotionals,  shared stories, ate rats and crickets, and laughed, and by the end we felt like we knew one another in a deeper level. 

All of the people that I encountered on this trip, such as local pastors, Rapha House staff, translators, and volunteers, have their own story of what led them to this point in their lives, but the common link was their desire to serve others in God's love. These are people that I will never forget.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our Church family and sponsors. Your prayers, generosity, kindness, encouragement, advice, assistance means so much to us. Heartfelt thank you from both of us. I would also like to acknowledge Cathleen Lawler for her dedication as a missionary. Her guidance and encouragement led us to this journey we never thought we could do, and for that we are forever grateful. You helped us to plan the trip, keep everyone on track and stay focused. No matter how tired and busy you are, you are always cheerful and with joy. Thank you for your friendship, support and unreserved sharing.

Steve and Connie