Sweet Tea is 1

August 5, 2015

It has been a great time these last two weeks. From Stafford we went to a place called the Kings Lodge in a small town in Nuneaton. This place, the Kings Lodge is owned by YWAM and is absolutely gorgeous. We had the coolest room that had a built in fort/loft that Harper thought was pretty awesome. During our week stay here we had more time to really pray and reflect on our outreach time. We also worked during the day for a local school and we did a major re-haul of a garden area. I think the kids will be pretty excited to see it on the first day of school.


Once we left Nuneaton we headed to Cambridge. Our sleeping arrangements here are tight but we are getting pretty cozy as a family and honestly Harper and Teagan I think are enjoying the extra snuggles at night getting to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. We have been working with several churches here as all the schools are out on Holiday. Each day they have a lunch set up at a local church and activities for the kids. We have had a blast really getting to know people and we even had some friends we met come to Teagans Birthday party. It was so special!


One of the coolest nights was when went out and walked around the town with some people from a local church and prayed for people. As we were walking and praying we were in the middle of a residential area without a soul in sight. We just prayed for someone to come along that God would want us to meet. Literally right then we saw a man on a bike stop right by us and his phone died and was lost. We had a great time talking to him and just showing him Gods love. It is just so neat to see God work in ways I never knew or invited Him to move in my life this way. Just stepping out and believing he is a God that speaks and uses you and miracles can happen. That same night with another group they prayed for a man and one of his legs was longer then the other and he had bad back problems because of it and literally his leg grew in front of there eyes. He was not a believer, but I’m sure was blown away with how much God loves him. There are some exciting things happen here in Cambridge and it is not a surprise by learning about the rich Christian heritage the came out of here. CS Lewis, Cambridge 7, and many others we have learned about.


And I can’t forget little miss Sweet Tea is 1. Still not walking but getting very close. She is such a happy little girl and full of personality. She was very blessed and spoiled on her big day.


Much Love,


Source: Todd and Jessica Elrod