Sunday Greetings from Steve

January 12, 2015

Steven Hanke

Steven Hanke1:41pm Jan 11

Wow, today is already Sunday morning. We will be going to Church soon. The Church is right next to the Ralpha House. We are all very excited to go to Church with the Fleener family and see the girls from the Ralpha House, but I also miss my Church family at Clovis Christian Church and imagine and see all of you in my mind and feel you all in my heart. Connie is now in another town, about 6 hours away from me getting ready for the long journey home. Yes I already miss her and wish she was still with me. She so loved helping the Cambodian people and making some new friends. I do believe she will sleep all the way home.The days here at the medical clinics are sometimes long and very hard, but so special and the need Is great. Even just getting to the clinics can wear you out with long narrow bumpy dirt roads. Although we have a very good driver, I must tell you the driving here is quite different than anything I've ever experienced. Mostly the passing, motorcycles are plentiful, and are forced to squeeze way over to the other side of the road as we pass a vehicle or they would be squashed like a bug. With all that being said the clinics here are so needed and important to the villages I see lots of people here but no vehicles, so you can just imagine the long walks and how hard it is for the villagers to get here. Most of them are barefoot, have many aliments, one little boy had a broken arm. Dr. Paul works so hard tending to all of the patients, its a real blessing to see.  So a sometimes scary, bumpy narrow road, long tiring days are not such a big deal when you put into perspective all that the people of Cambodia endure to be seen by a Doctor, to be prayed over, get a new pair of glasses, or get a tooth pulled. This experience can't help but change you and see people in a whole new light. All I can say is God is good and so great. We love each and everyone of you and look forward to seeing you soon.Steve