Self Pity

May 11, 2015

Happy Mothers day! I say that with the most respect and honor. It is a super hard job with no pay and countless hours. But I can honestly say from a girl that never wanted children, it is the most rewarding thing. I Love my Mom so much, and can never tell her how much I appreciate all she did and does for me.

I digress… This post is on the biggest robber of joy, SELF PITY.

This week we were blessed with hearing Darlene Cunningham speak and she touched on self pity being the biggest robber of joy. Do I know this first hand! I can go from one point of joy and laughter and then to the next minute, listening to a lie of the enemy and I am wallowing in pity. Maybe this is something we all joke about being a women and letting our emotions fly, or maybe this is really something that needs to be addressed. I know for myself this has got to change, it has gotten so bad I can’t even hide it anymore.

A part of me loves listening to sermons or talks on issues that I identify with and when they lay it out so clearly you almost could laugh at it. But on the other hand when you are actually dealing with the issue it is like getting hit in the head like a frying pan and it stings. I find it hard to admit how many times I wallow in self pity and not only want to swim in it, I want to take out everyone around me.

Our God is so worthy and amazing to put our struggles down at His feet. At times it may be easier to wallow in self pity then to find the joy at certain times, but to trust that when you do look toward Christ and find the joy in every situation, He will provide a way that you can stand up under it.


Mothers Day weekend, I was very spoiled.




Green sand beach


Source: Todd and Jessica Elrod