Saying goodbye to the Fleenor family

October 5, 2013

Goodbyes are so hard.  But after celebrating Georgia's third birthday, we had to say goodbye.  But what a great celebration to end our time. One of the greatest parts of the evening was watching the siblings share in the excitement and then give Georgia her gifts.   The kids and then later their parents beat me at Dutch Blitz, a card game.  

Despite the thunder and lightening in the background, we didn't lose power at their house but driving home was a challenge.  The roads are so flooded and the river is the highest they have ever seen it.  We are hoping that the river doesn't flood as we are driving to Phnom Penh tomorrow.  The road follows the river a lot of the way.  

When we arrived at our hotel tonight, we once heard the Buddhist "prayer call."  Well, we don't know what it is called but we have been wakened by it several mornings in the wee hours.  At first, I thought it was the Islamic morning prayer time as it is similar.  This was a first for me to hear the Buddhist prayer chanting over a loud speaker.

We fly out Monday morning for Myanmar.