Partnering with Mid-India

September 5, 2018

A year ago, this week, CCC sent a team to visit the ministry sites of Mid-India Missions. The team came back blessed and encouraged by the work they were privileged to experience while they were in India. All of the team members agreed that Mid-India does ministry well and is strategic in their work in India. The result of the trip has been an ongoing partnership with CCC and Mid-India. Further, the Mission Board has made the decision to deepen that partnership by committing to financially support Mid-India on a monthly basis.

To provide a little background, Mid India Christian Mission started in 1969 with 17 students at their school. Today more than 2,500 students are enrolled at the same school. Early on in their ministry, church planting took center stage as they planted hundreds of churches and have baptized thousands of individuals. Tommy Corrao, the Executive Director reported that India still has the most Unreached People Groups in the world and they will continue to press on towards bringing more worshippers from among those UPGs to Christ. He went on to say, “Our aim is to transform lives through the love of Christ in India. We do that through evangelism, compassion ministries, and education. Currently, we minister to over 4,000 children daily, have planted 450 churches with the goal of planting 50 more by 2020.”

The Mission Board encourages all to extend a warm welcome to Mid-India, who will be at a table for the Fall Kick-Off.