July 1, 2015

After 3 days of travel we have finally made it to our first destination in the beautiful country of Norway. Our flight over was hard but God really blessed us with multiple things that demonstrated his love and kindness.

In LA I was able to get our team into the USO for the 10 hour layover. In the USO we watched movies took naps on comfy lazy boys and ate some good old American Frito Boats! On our way through security they let our group go through priority because of the babies and they let us board the plane first because of them too. After we took off the flight attendant offered us a bassinet for Teagan so she could sleep. The flight was rough because Harper and Teagan slept at different times but Jessica and I pushed through and we both got a little sleep at least. After arriving in Germany Jessica and I felt like we were going back home. We both loved our time in Germany so we discussed many of our fond memories on the plane ride. After arriving to the Frankfurt airport we only had about 45 minutes before our plane took off to Norway and once again God showed up and blessed us. After getting off the plane we asked an individual where our next terminal was and after he gave us the answer he added that it was really far away. With such a short layover we really needed to hurry and a miracle to make our flight. We started to walk briskly to our terminal. As we left security and had to enter into another terminal it was like we were almost hand picked out of the Group to bypass the large security line and told to go to a priority line for another terminal. I kept telling the lady what terminal that we were in and she said she knows and she is showing me the right way. As we continued to follow her she pointed at another colleague that was a distance away and told us to go see him as she walked away into the crowd. When we arrived to him he asked us why we were at the wrong terminal and we told him the story of his other colleague that directed us to come here. He was extremely shocked but let us through and told us how to get to our terminal from that location and we arrived to our gate right on time as the plane was waiting on us to depart. I firmly believe that The Lord blessed us with that lady because we would have possibly missed our flight if she didn’t send us to the priority line. Finally after we arrived in Norway we were met by new and old members of our team and treated to pizza and soda just before going to bed. Today, was amazing because we got to adjust a lot to the time change and just relax.

The girls are doing amazing and Jessica has been such a wonderful mother. The girls and I have just been in Awwww of what and amazing wife and mother she is. Tonight we met with our team and have started to put together a plan for the family camp that we will help conduct next week. As of right now I thing Jessica will lead an art class and I will probably do sports activities. We are so excited for this trip and already we have seen God start working and moving. I can’t wait to see him use our group in some amazing ways.  -Todd  

   Start of Flight to LAX

  30 Minutes into it

  Harper rocking out with her new headphones

  Jess, Teagan and Addie

  Finally on the last leg of our flight to Norway. A little sleepy

  Walking around Norway, it is so beautiful



  On a walk from the YWAM base

  Outside on our balcony, still light out and this was at 10 pm

  Harper on her first bunk bed

Source: Todd and Jessica Elrod