Monday in Swaziland [ Sharon ]

July 19, 2016

I Enjoyed meeting the adult preschool Teachers today praying for each other in  "Swaziland style" all together at the same time !

We Sang United together as sisters in Christ. A bible story was shared today by Connie with these ladies and we all were blessed with the spiritual observations and applications of the Word in 

Luke 13:10-17.

The Good News Club curriculum is every Friday  at the preschool we visited. This is such a blessing as it transformed these Adult Women to seek and share Christ daily.

At the preschool the kids shared bible versus in song and with their musical instruments .

"Missionary Midnight is 8:30pm in Swaziland"

The standard local animals wondering in the streets are, cattle, wart hogs, Impala's, goats and monkeys.

Blessings. Sharon