Message from Swaziland [ Jessie ]

July 19, 2016

Hello from Swaziland!!!

Our first real day here in Swaziland was pretty typical. Nothing went as planned ? We got up and were on our way by 9 and after an hour drive we realized the type of gas for our van was not actually available at every filling station. So we had to cancel our plans and drive back home. Not knowing what we were going to do with our day now, our wonderful hosts Corine and Nomfundo got in contact with some teachers of a preschool near where we are staying. By the end of this visit we will all realize that this was God's plan for our day all along. We got to see some of the wonderful things these teachers were teaching their preschoolers. They performed a few different songs for us and it was Amazing! Since school ends at 12 the teachers agreed to stay longer and meet with us. After introductions and some prayer Connie told us all a Bible Story. Not only was she awesome at sharing the story she really got these women to open up and really talk about what they are seeing in their communities and what they feel should change. It was an amazing experience followed by a beautiful song sung around our circle. I was literally in tears by the end of it! It was just a great day that thankfully God rearranged for us!

Jessie ?