Message from Swaziland [ Ben ]

July 19, 2016

It's been two whole days here in Swaziland for us, the Swaziland Team, and I'm experiencing so much through Christ that it's changing me faster than I can comprehend. My first day was like I hit the ground running I haven't slowed down.

The Swazi-team and I learned it's very important to always know what gas your rental takes... Haha. But though our schedule changed, it allowed God to move us and submit to his plan for us. We visited a nearby pre-school and were able to see one of the proper outline of how a Christian pre-school should run.

After the children of the pre-school performed 3 songs for our group, the four lady's who help run the pre-school joined us and allowed Connie to tell her story of "The Bent Woman". I felt connected and driven by the Holy Spirit to help one woman in particular to stabilize her spiritually with the verse I fell for that morning as I had alone time with God: 1 Corinthians 1: 18-31, Christ the Wisdom and Power of God.

This lady who at first seemed skeptical of us, and in my mind agreed because who am I to teach you the word of God; I'm nowhere near ready to teach anyone on the word. But I was moved and felt a surge in me.

Thought the story I noticed she began to open up more until she finally let us know of the weight upon her shoulders. She had been feeling defeated since she was a new pastor of her church and felt as I did before I committed my self to God. I finally spoke and gave my small testimony and how I've changed and yet still tend to cling to the view of myself 5 years ago.

With Sharon's words and the help of the team I could show here what I felt in the bible and converse with another human being through the lords word. Never in my life have I met a challenge so great and felt so blessed to conqueror with the lord beside me and working his plan for someone else through me.

- Ben