Leaving Cambodia

October 6, 2013

When I reflect back over the week and read my posts, I realize that so much of the focus is our time with the Fleenor family. And that is one of the main reasons we came here, to see how they are doing after four months and to see how we can encourage them as well as help them. We could note take photos of the "girls" or even share much information about them. The stories are both heart wrenching as well as hopeful. Of course we cannot be part of the rescuing but we can help with the prevention as well the reintegration. The work here has many facets - prevention, relief (medical and hunger), reclaiming, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

I can see how exhausting it can be to live and work here although very rewarding. The Khmer people we met have been very kind and helpful. But there is still a language and culture challenge. And so much corruption. Isn't that true in so many countries?

Today we took a shared ride to Phnom Penh since we fly out tomorrow morning early. It was concerning because it has been storming so much, the rivers have started overflowing in places. I'll post a photo. We saw flooding all the way to Phnom Penh (6 hour drive). Some rice fields have been ruined. Houses and businesses have been flooded. As we drove, we saw moto bikes with multiple people on them riding against the rain. Since it is the end of a three day holiday, vans were packed with people on top of the vans as well as hanging out the back. It was an uncomfortable ride in the back of a car, I can't imagine what it was like for the people crowded in and on those other vehicles.

I can't even imagine life for many of the local people. It's just darn hard. I felt like a spoiled princess in the back of that car and it didn't feel good. Why God? And God, what do I do about this?

After being here, I do know better how we can pray for our missionary family here. And for their friends and colleagues. And as a church we will continue to support the work here in various ways. I hope we can be a part of starting small businesses and/or crops for people to make a better living. There is so much potential. And I can't imagine nicer people to help.

Who wants to visit Cambodia November 2014?