How to Pray for the Middle East

July 31, 2015

Fear should not be our reaction to the chaos and suffering in the Middle East and beyond due to ISIS; prayer should be. Christy Graham wrote some suggestions on how to pray that I will share here.

Pray for the Church in regions where ISIS is active:

* For spiritual awakening in the church

* For provision, strength and endurance where they are ministering to the overwhelming needs of refugees

* For a positive testimony of Christ to the people they serve

* For unity between Christians from different churches and denominations

* For Christians to strengthen one another in corporate prayer and worship

* For the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to be visibly evident in the church

* That, rooted and grounded in love, they will love their enemies.

Pray for members of ISIS

* For Saul to Paul like encounters with Christ

* For ISIS members to have dreams and visions of Jesus that would lead them to question their choice to follow ISIS's ideology

* For ISIS members to discover the love and mercy of God

* For followers of Jesus to be given opportunities to give bold witness to ISIS members

* For ISIS members to see the testimony of Jesus through signs and wonders and deliverance from evil spirits

Pray for victims of ISIS

* For ministers of emotional/psychological healing to be sent to them

* For physical healing

* For children who have had deep members, friends, home...that provision would be made for them to heal and grow

* To find in Jesus Christ the power to forgive, and to find healing for their pain and loss

* For the fellowships of new believers to grow in numbers and in the knowledge of God, of His word, and His ways.