Greetings from Connie

January 8, 2015

This is my first mission trip. On the second day in Cambodia, I already had a life changing experience. Paul and Diane are the true light from God in Cambodia. I am so touched by their passion, conviction, faith, hospitality ..... After we walked through the Khmer Genocide Museum. My heart was very heavy. One of their kids was a little sad, and Diane soothed her and said, 'that's God's plan why we are here!' Such a simple and powerful answer!

Then we traveled about 6 hrs to Ralpha House in Battambang. The girls and staff were so welcoming to us here. I experienced a little taste of heaven seeing them dancing and playing with joy. God, we praise You, You are incredible, Your love and healing conquers every bad situation. You are absolutely the light of the darkness.Connie