Getting settled in!

July 21, 2014

It was only our third night in Cambodia and I was able to sleep most of the night without taking any sleep aids. I was that tired though too. We have been non stop since arriving and it's been fun to introduce these nine college-age kids to Cambodia. Our first night we stayed at an Inn that caters to those working in the area to combat human trafficking. Very comfortable place and such friendly staff. What a joy to see Scripture verses on the walls of the rooms. Since one of the guy's luggage pieces didn't arrive with us, we decided to walk over to the Russian Market to buy a few things since the luggage wouldn't be delivered for a couple days. Yes, I do ask that everyone brings two changes of clothes in their carry on because this is not an uncommon event. But with the heat and humidity, we go through a lot of clothes. AND it was fun to walk through the streets of Phnom Penh earlySaturday morningand see people opening their businesses, the Moto drivers zipping along the streets, and having to learn to cross streets through the crazy traffic. We had fun bargaining for a few things but it was so hot even early in the morning inside the market that we only lasted 30 minutes. That's my kind of shopping - in and out! Our three guys all bought the same style shirt and then wore it to church on Sunday. So fun. Before the long (5-6 hours) drive from Phnom Penh to Battambang, we went over to the Tuol Sleng Museum to visit a historic site of the genocide. This is one location where many were tortured, imprisoned and killed during the late 70's. That was before any of our team (other than me of course) was born. But it still seems so recent to have such an atrocity. It was sobering but I think a good introduction to the situation in Cambodia. There are so many situations where there is no sanctity of life or value of people.And that is what I was reflectingon Sunday morningin our church service. We attended the Rapha House church where so many young ladies go too. I looked around and wondered the stories behind each of the faces. I shudder to even think. Many of the girls were smiling and singing praise to God. I'm sure it took so much love, attention and counseling to get them to this place. God is at work.The sermon yesterday was on God's promises from Psalm 23. He promises to meet our physical needs; to provide rest, recovery and restoration; leadership and direction; protection; and a permanent home. Yet His greatest promise is that "I am always with you." What a great message for these girls. What a great message for our team! And as we start our service week here, we hope to be God's instruments in providing love, healing, and hope. We serve the Jehovah Rapha. Thank you for your prayers,Cathleen