Fundraising Dinner :)

August 28, 2015

Ever since I knew that the Lord was calling me to do a YWAM, I've been counting down the months until I get to embark on this adventure with Him. The time has come when I'm counting the days! As the date where I would have started my third year at San Diego State came and went, the enormity of this choice settled on me, as did the pressure of walking in the opposite direction that the world dictates. As overwhelming as that can be, it's so exciting to trust my life and future into God's hands. Although to the world turning my back on a college degree (or at least postponing it depending on the Lord's direction after YWAM) in order to spend six months getting to know God more deeply and making Him known in Southeast Asia look like craziness. But to God, it's the wisest move I could make. I'm beginning to learn what it truly means to live with an eternal perspective, valuing what God values to the height which He values it. For me right now, that means obeying this call to leave school at least for a season and pursue my King!

Now with only twenty more days until I leave (is that scary or what?) the practicals of this mission experience become more real. I'm so grateful for all of the donations I've received so far! I'm very blessed to get to share this experience with four other awesome friends from my church, Katie, Crystal, Stephanie, and Kendall! Although we won't all be going to the same places, we all will be apart of YWAM! I still need about five thousand more dollars in order to meet my goal, andI know the othersare still praying for funds as well! We will be having a fundraising dinner at Clovis Christian Church tomorrow night at 6 pm! The cost is 10 dollars and there will be dinner as well as a silent auction! The four of us will be sharing our stories of how God led us to YWAM and what He's been doing in our lives. I would love it if you were all able to come! Not everyone can travel oversees and share about Jesus's love, but everyone can be involved in missions! I've been so excited to see how God has been mobilizing young people all over the world to fulfill His great commission, but the truth is none of us would be able to answer that call without spiritual, emotional, and financial support from the church! I hope you're able to attend, it would mean a great deal to all of us! If you aren't able to come but do want to donate the easiest way is to do so at this link the others have links to their easy tithe accounts through their blogs as well!

As always I'm also in desperate need of your prayers. As I get closer and closer to leaving I realize how hard it will be to say goodbye! I know that the enemy will want to use that as a snare to take me emotionally and mentally away from all God has for me at YWAM, so if you could be in prayer for me over that I would greatly appreciate it! If you want to hear more about YWAM or what God's been doing in my life lately, or if you have anything I can pray for you for, feel free to message me!Or tell me in person tomorrow night! (unashamed advertisement). I love you guys, God bless!