Equipped (Heading Off Update)

May 11, 2016

That is what I feel.


As I had my career dreams upturned by a new dream of missions training in Zambia, I feel equipped for following Jesus boldly into a new frontier.

As I rapidly received the full provision for my journey, by God’s power through the generosity of my friends, family, and church family– I feel sufficiently equipped (and freed from worry) to serve as Christ’s ambassador.

As I pack my bags with warm clothing, adventure gear, and a compact coffee set, I feel equipped for embracing that new environment (…I suppose it’s more in a practical sense than a spiritual sense, but very equipped nonetheless!).

As I’m told by a loving army of friends, family, an church family that I am going with their combined might of prayers to our Father – you know I’m feeling equipped against any scheme of the Enemy – and I realize I have the honor of sharing my joy with you all at home.

As I have a comerade come by just to be a part of packing, another three (yes, three, brother) present for praying over me as I begin my drive to LA, my mom enduring past setbacks of nervousness to support me, one other brother impart a final keen encouragement over phone call while I wait for my first plane, and a group of 24 brand new friends awaiting me on the other side of my travel…

I feel equipped. If I stop feeling it at any point of hardship, I remain truthfully equipped and will remember this. In Christ Jesus, by the Holy Spirt and with His redeemed community, I am equipped and completely ready even for experiences which cannot be prepared for.

Thank you, friends, for being obedient to make this possible or even simply speak loving truth that I still carry with me, and especially for continuing to be a part of what the Lord is doing in and through me. I can’t wait to get on the ground in Zambia, savor the adventure, see what our great big God is already up to there, and bring back (in select cases blogging back) these stories to you all.

Source: Taylor Lewis Zambia