Ecuador Missions Team

June 12, 2018

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Clovis Christian Church is building a team to partner with the Hacienda El Refugio training and retreat center in Ecuador. Prior to their current roles on the Missions Board, Howard and Mary Scholl were missionaries to Ecuador and are intimately familiar with Hacienda El Refugio. They will be leading a team of 16 from our congregation to Ecuador in November to work in the center's facilities.

Ecuador, like many countries in Latin America, is rich in culture and missionary history. Underneath this vibrant exterior is a country in desperate need of the Holy Spirit. Though an overwhelming percentage of the population claims to be members of the Catholic or various Protestant churches, Ecuador remains the slowest growing evangelical church on the continent. Clovis Christian Church, and our missions team have the opportunity to show the people of Ecuador a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

In the unique environment that surrounds Hacienda El Refugio, God's creation in on full display and will serve as a backdrop from which the team can pour into the lives of others and spread the Word of God. Please be in prayer for the financial, logistical and spiritual support the Ecuador missions team will need over the next several months as they prepare for their journey.