Day 3 in Swaziland

July 21, 2016

Thank you Lord for such powerful testimony as we visited a family with the disabled child. The family is so faithful to Lord to take care of the child which is unusual in Swaziland. It is very common in Swaziland that disable children are killed and abandoned. The father shared a scripture with us, “For nothing will be impossible with God." (Luke 1:37 ESV)
This boy has been crippled for 14 years. When we presented a toy from our VBS to the boy, he was so excited. We saw his tears of joy. We had a great time of prayer with the family Swazi style

Then we visited three pre-schools. Sharon did a wonderful job to share her bible story. It was so fun to play a dancing game with kids. Amazing!!! They all have their memory verses. Ben also shared his bible story with pre-school teachers. It went really well. GOD, you are good!
From Connie