Clinic & Rice Distribution

October 2, 2013

We met a husband and wife doctor team at our hotel. They had nothing to do this morning so we invited them to the Kids Club with us where we were going to participate in the monthly clinic and rice distribution. Both of them are General Practitioners and one saw the adults and the other examined the children. Part of our team weighed and measured each child.

After this, the Kids Club Director gave a devotional to the adults, talked about hygiene and then we gave out large bags of rice. After this was all over, we were talking the the director (not sure how to spell his name but it sounds like Sim). We were asking what Scripture he was teaching from and he said The Ten Commandments. As he shared, his eyes teared up when he talked about how he loves the Word of God. He talked about the two greatest Commandments and how he is amazed that Jesus died on the cross for us. I wish I could have gotten that on camera!

But I was rather uncomfortable even taking photos of distributing rice and of the people being examined by the doctor. It was like they were show pieces. Yes, we want to take these memories home and to share them with all of you but it didn't seem right. So I just tried to hug, and help as much as I could to make it seem our participation was genuine.

In the evening, our team went over to the Fleenors house and spent the evening with the kids so that Paul and Diane could have a date night. Oh we had fun! We made a pasta dinner, James fried the sausage! We played some games and then all curled up on couches and chairs with Kettle Korn and watched the movie, Despicable 2. We laughed and cheered. I didn't want this night to end.

I don't want to talk about trivial things like the weather but people are asking. It's not as hot as I expected but when you are in the Kids Club building with no AC and so many people, it seems like 100 degrees with 100% humidity. It's not that hot out in the open but it is warm and humid.

It was a long day and we are tired. It's 14 hours ahead of California time here.

Thank you all for journeying with us. It's great to reflect on the day and share it with you.

Cathleen (and the team)