A World without Orphans

October 15, 2013

Yesterday, when I entered the hotel to check in for the 4/14 Global Leaders Summit in Bangkok, the first person who greeted me was Luis Bush! Some people will remember him as the man who coined the term the "10/40 Window." He was the International Director of the AD2000 (and Beyond) Movement. Today, he fills the role of International Servant Catalyst for the 4/14 Window Global Initiative. He along with another gentleman launched the 4/14 Window Global Initiative with the vision to raise up a new generation of children and youth 14 years and under as God's agents to transform the world. No small task.

What am I doing here? I am not sure. I was invited to attend this Summit to see how I might engage in this worldwide effort. Over 900 participants from around the world are gathering to embrace and run with this vision. We are here to learn from one another and network. Not only is the vision to "reach and rescue" but to also "root and release." The main discussion is around the disciple making process through the local church. This intrigues me.

It is estimated there are 1.2 billion children and youth in the 4/14 Window (from 4 to 14) which means so much potential. It is the vision and hope to maximize their transformational impact while they are young and to mobilize them for continuing impact for the rest of their lives. To maximize the transformational impact of the children/youth, the spiritual, mental, physical, relational, economic, and social issues they face must be addressed.

The hope is that regional leaders will be equipped to take strategies they learn here home with them. 2 Peter 2:9: The Lord knows how to rescue.

One interesting point made in a meeting today is that all Superheroes are orphans: Superman, Harry Potter, Batman, even James Bond.

There are eight tracks here: Pastors, Family, Media, Academic, Missions, Education, Holistic Child Ministry in Local Church, and Orphans & Vulnerable Children. I was invited to the Orphans & Vulnerable Children one. God does have a sense of humor. It is suprising to me how my heart is growing for these young people and their plight.

Bangkok is not my favorite place, it never has been a place I wanted to return to. I took a two block walk today to get some air and exercise, and was disgusted at what I saw. The sin is so blatant. In Cambodia and Myanmar, you know it's there but it's behind walls. Here it is on the streets, and many sitting in open bars right in your face. No more words needed.

Please pray that God will lead me and help me to make a contribution to these sessions and that I can encourage those who are deep in ministry to reach, rescue, root, and release children and youth, especially those at risk. I know this work is diffcult and at the very least, I want to be praying with and for those here.