A Note from Taylor in Japan

February 28, 2019

Konnichiwa to my Clovis Christian church family! I’ve been living in Tokyo for 6 months now, with 2 more remaining. My “short term” has felt like exactly that— with time flying but also with meaningful growth, rewarding friendships, and beautiful memories packed into it.

I currently have two other young short-term missionaries here with me, Cody and Cathryn. There’s less work split between us staffing Sonrise Cafe, but our teamwork opens new opportunities. Tuesday that looked like a weekly music workshop— as a precious young family thar our church built a relationship with came, my fellow missionaries taught their daughters violin and cajón, and I mainly served in the background cleaning to support them indirectly (though I jumped in to sing and applaud once they practiced ‘Revelation Song’).

Another unforgettable opportunity happened after Sunday service, with our friend and fellow volunteer in ministry, Sato. He has a powerful testimony as he was led through tragic loss in Fukushima’s earthquake and tsunami, to live joyfully for Christ and others. Cody and I were grateful to use our videography equipment in recording his story, but more than that we were blessed by Sato honoring us and considering others by sharing. The finished project will be ready to share with you all and others soon, as the anniversary of the 2011 quake draws closer.

Lastly, I had a sight like no other on Thursday, when that week’s culture exploration day took us to the port city of Yokohama. I enjoyed its scenery with Cody and Cathryn at a relaxed pace, concluding at an observatory from the 2nd tallest building in Japan. With that twilight cityscape and our conversation, it became a milestone moment for reflecting on how God has led me until now and has shaped my heart for following Him in Japan into my future.

Thank you so much for sending me and supporting with prayers behind all this! I hear about many of you remembering to pray and asking about me, yet there must be more of it than I can see. Although I don’t want to leave from Japan, I truly look forward to catching up and enjoying time with you all again soon.