1 chronicles 16:11

July 22, 2014

Today was an awesome day on the mission field!

We started with a time of devotion in the morning where Sean shared about the importance of love in 1 Corinthians, reminding us as we headed to kids club to love on the kids, that we were doing Gods work. Then we began to plan out our skit and songs for kids club. Today's theme was that God and God alone satisfies. At the kids club we had an awesome time playing with the children individually and presenting our skit and songs all together. Even though we can't speak the same language, we all have truly connected with these kids, and as we debriefed tonight that was a lot of peoples favorite parts of the day. Even as we sweat buckets, seeing the love on those little faces made it more than worth it.After kids club we got a chance to walk through the rapha house and hear from Hannah, a director there, about some of the work that goes on. It's such an incredible place; I wish everyone could see it. They teach these rescued girls everything from English and sewing to business and agriculture. There's group and individual counseling as well as family counseling where that's possible depending on each girls situation. We also got to see the 'small house' which is for rescued special needs girls. As encouraging as it was to see all that was happening at the rapha house, it was equally as difficult. We got a chance to interact with some of the girls there, and they are truly just little girls. They want to hug and play and sing, but to know what they have experienced is really eye opening. These kids are not just sad statistics. They are real girls with thoughts and hopes and dreams trying to heal from unimaginable pain. Real girls that we now call friends.This evening we had some good downtime where God really went to work in the hearts of and relationships between our team members. He is doing a mighty work in us this trip and I ask you to be in prayer for that.Lastly, as we were eating dinner on the roof overlooking the city we realized how many brothels were within sight. Once the reality of that hit we went straight to God. We are weak and powerless. It is easy to feel discouraged and wonder how we can possibly do anything in the face of such a huge, deep rooted problem. We wanted to bust down the doors of the brothel nearest, but when one is shut down, many more open. We can't solve this. But God can. We serve an almighty, powerful God who desperately loves this nation and those girls. We are overwhelmed by the pain we see here, but God is bigger than our lack of ability, and He chooses to use us. It may seem like the enemy has such power here, but greater is He that's in is than he who's in the world. I ask that everyone who reads this takes time today to pray for this nation and these girls. We need God, only He can solve this problem. Please join our team in running to Him with this cry of our hearts.

God Bless, 

Madi Plescia