Greeter Ministry

The power of a simple hello!

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Greeter Team Director:
Andrew Barnett
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Greeter Team

The Greeter Team consists of a Greeter Director, Outside Greeters, Lobby Greeters, Welcome Counter Greeter, and  Inside Greeters 

When a guest steps into our church for the first time, he or she evaluates the atmosphere. They may ask themselves: “Will they accept me? Will it be easy to make friends? Will my spiritual and personal needs be met? Will it be easy to find my way around? Will my family like it here?”

The newcomer will quickly come to some conclusions during the first few minutes. First impressions are often lasting impressions. Consequently, the ministry of the greeters is one of the most important things that happens in any congregation!

The greeter performs a major role in ensuring that people see and experience the love of Christ. In Christ, you have received God’s unconditional love, and, in Christ, you are called to extend that same unconditional love to others. The ministry of greeting is perhaps one of the most crucial in the church because it is one of the most visible. It is a ministry vital to the saving work of the church.

Duties of the Greeter Team Director:
Training, scheduling and coordinating all greeter activities.

Goals of Greeter:
• Welcomes those attending Sunday services and/or church events.
• To make each person who enters know that he or she is welcome here, feel as comfortable as possible, and receive what information they might need.

Tasks include:
• Opening doors and Greeting our guests
• Giving out bulletins and special event cards
• Assisting visitors in locating bathrooms, coffee, welcome counter, and classrooms
• Politely keep the noise level down in the lobby.
• Welcome Counter Greeter will assist a visitor with general questions and present first-time visitors with a gift
• Inside Greeters will greet those entering into the MPR and assisting those who need help finding a place to sit
• Being warm and friendly, yet perceptive of each person’s differing comfort levels.
• A happy face and cheerful countenance are essential.

Appropriate Spiritual Gifts:
• Hospitality
• Helps
• Discernment

Time Commitment:
35 minutes.
(20 minutes before to pray, discuss any special instructions, and greet early arrivers. A Lobby Greeter will remain in the lobby 15 minutes after the assigned service begins to greet late-comers.)

On assigned Sunday mornings, the greeter will arrive no later than
• 8:10 am for  the first-service assignment
• 9:40 am for the second-service assignment
• 11:10 am for the third-service assignment