Station 12

Forgiven or Paid in Full



Go to the pool of water at the foot of the cross. It’s time to make one of the decisions below.

Decision 1 (I would like to make a decision to follow Christ for the first time)

If you believe that Jesus is God’s Son, and that he died to remove your sin, then drop the rock in the water. Let your sin go for good! “It is finished!” Jesus has removed your sin. Then proceed to the right, where you will enter the last room of the prayer walk, let someone know you made a decision to follow Christ.

Decision 2 (I don’t want to make a decision today)

If you do not believe that Jesus is God’s Son, take the rock with you. Let this experience sink in. Ask God to reveal the truth about Jesus to you. We hope you will come back on Easter Sunday and hear the rest of this story.

Decision 3 (Recognize the greatness of what Jesus did so that I can be forgiven) —

If Jesus is already the Lord of your life, drop the rock into the water as a symbolic gesture of a continued walk with Him. Continue to the room to your right for prayer

See you Easter Sunday : 8:30a | 10:00a | 11:30a