Youth Group

Details: Every Thursday Night at 6:00pm to 8:30pm (In room 202)

Purpose: Worship, Community & Truth

Focus: Living the abundant life in Christ, and in community with each other

Led by: Pastor Jerad Mendel and the youth leaders.

High Schoolers come together Thursday evenings for activities, a meal, worship, and discussion. This is a great time to apply the truth of God to our daily lives.

CCSM Thursday is the most vibrant expression of the youth experience at CCC. We fellowship together around a meal (provided by church families), we engage in exciting games and activities, we worship, we preach the Word, and we seek the Lord in prayer. CCSM Thursday is an exciting way to get involved with Youth Ministry, and grow closer to the Lord and other believers. It’s a comfortable environment for students, grades 7 to 12, at any stage of relationship with God.

CCSM Special Events





  • Hume Lake’s Wildwood Discipleship Camp


  • Winter Retreat (All Youth Age)

    First weekend in January

  • Youth Campouts and Lake trips (Various Locations)


  • All-Nighter (Lock-in Style All night activity @CCC)

    Each September

We enjoy a vast array of special activities as a youth ministry. We believe that being in Christian community should be most exciting life possible!! These events are some of our favorite ways to dive deeply into that life experience.



  • End-of-Month Hangouts (All Ages- Mendel Home)

    Last Saturday of every month

  • Pre-VBS Activities(Fun outings for all youth)


  • Local Outreach and Service Projects

    April, June & Dec.

  • Various other activities

    Bowling, Skating, BBQ’s / Swim Parties, Picnics & Opportunities for Missions Trips


Sunday School – 10a Service

Purpose: Discipleship

Focus: Finding the Gospel of Jesus in all of the Bible

Led by: Youth Leaders Caleb & Madi Unruh, and Taylor Lewis

Meets in MPR at 10a Worship

We believe in the importance of worshiping the Lord together as a church. We gather in the north-east corner of the sanctuary and participate in the service up until the beginning of the message.

After worship, we move to the Youth Room (Room 202) for Bible Study

This begins with prayer, and moves into teaching and discussion. Our focus is understanding the Message of the Gospel throughout the whole of Scripture. As we seek this out, we see that the Bible is a unified story of redemption, where Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection have been the plan from the very beginning!



Tuesday – High School Bible Study

Purpose: Discipleship 

Focus: Learning to hear and respond to God’s truth in the Bible

Led by: Pastor Jerad Mendel

If you are grades 9 to 12…we hope you can join us for this exciting time of learning to communicate with our Father through the Bible.



So many High School students live under the pretense that they cannot hear God’s voice through scripture. They believe it’s too confusing, too complex or somehow beyond their ability to understand. We disagree. We meet each Tuesday evening from 4pm-5:30pm in the Youth Office. During this time, we demonstrate that all of us can meet the Lord in the pages of His word. The process is simple… the Bible, and 3 goals.

We read a passage of scripture… and explore these 3 things together:

Interpretation: What was the author saying to the original reader?

Application: What does this passage mean to my life today?

Prayer: How can I pray the truth of scripture over my life and those around me?

Our Youth Ministry is focused on teaching Junior High and High School students to be followers of Christ! We do this by presenting and applying God’s Word, building Godly relationships, enjoying life together, and putting into practice the things that Jesus taught. We enjoy several weekly gatherings, monthly hang-outs, activities, concerts, and trips. We would love to have any Jr. High or High School age student join us.