Faith Builders Club

Mid-Week Program

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Every Wednesday Night at 6:30p

Starting September 26th, 2018

Worship/Bible Story/Track/Snack

Our Faith Builders club is our Wednesday, mid-week program for 1st -6th grades. FBC is a Christ-centered kids’ ministry with Old and New Testament lessons, worship, and activity tracks that fit the needs, gifts, and interests of our church. There are 3 major themes to be explored: GOD IS… JESUS IS… I AM… Faith Builders Club is an opportunity for our leaders to develop a discipling relationship with our children.

What do your kids love doing? Sports & games? Arts, crafts & cooking? Or are they into drama? We provide these three tracks to choose from based on your child’s interests and what they love to do. The tracks are each customized with Bible lessons that are relevant to the teaching for that week.

We desire to get your kids involved. Throughout the year we have many activities your kids can be a part of along with our weekly activities like Faith Builders Club. Come and join Faith Builders and all the God is doing within our church.